Dr Maria Montessori (1870-1952) created and documented The Montessori Method of Education in 1909. She was the first female to graduate from the Rome University Medical School and initially worked with the intellectually disadvantaged children in institutions void of stimulation and daily experience. Her experiences there encouraged her to develop methods of teaching and learning that were applicable to all children.

Montessori children have a unrivalled love of learning, independence, self-motivation and self-discipline. The principle is that children do not have to be forced to learn - they want to. Children learn best when given the opportunity to explore according to their interests.

Dr Maria Montessori's research highlighted a number of factors that have become established in modern teaching practice:
- Children learn at different paces
- Achievement builds confidence
- Learning is a process of discovery
- Children learn best from other children
- Freedom of movement and freedom to explore is essential to
   stimulate a child's mind.

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